My Hard Work Wasn’t Paying Off

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2018


I have to start this post by prefacing where I came from. Before coaching I’d feel sick to my stomach at the gas pump putting in $5 to drive to work, waiting for the next paycheck. When STUDENT LOANS came due I couldn’t afford to pay them & had to defer them. When my Tacoma needed new tires or the battery was dead I started scouring the house trying to find things to sell to make money or scouring craigslist for a second job. I was happy with life but just felt like there had to be a better way. I’m a HARD WORKER but I couldn’t find a way to get ahead..... my hard work wasn’t paying off.

I vividly remember asking my dad, is this all there is to life? Working paycheck to paycheck to make ends meets and not get ahead. To work 40 hours plus for 40 years to retire... to be too exhausted to live. He said yes & to deal with it.

I knew in my heart I was MEANT FOR MORE.

I wasn’t some INSANE overnight success story. Coaching fell in my...

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Remember When I Told You...?

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Hi there! 

Remember when I told you I was gonna quit my FINANCIAL job..and then did? Then I told you I was gonna earn a FREE trip... & then I earned 14+ of them— one of which I’m on right now.

And then told you I was gonna become a MILLION CLUB member..and then did? Then I told you I was going to RETIRE my hubby & DID? Then I told you I’d help our team, my fit fam leave their jobs & I did.

Do you believe me NOW when I tell you I'm gonna help more Coaches on our team leave their full time jobs? You should. And you should believe me when I tell you, that YOU can do this too.... I'm just a shy girl from a small town that didn't WANT to live an average life.

My daydream jobs consisted of being an actress or a anesthesiologist!? Idk why!? Remember that commercial I tried out for, Mom? All I know now is I can't imagine doing ANYTHING else!!

What are your plans? Where do you see yourself in 3, 4, 5 years. If you're happy, hell yea. I'm happy...

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Fed Up

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

Some days it just HITS me hard.

The girl who didn’t use social media has built a life she doesn’t need a vacation from with friends she LOVES & adores... on social media. 
The introvert who wanted to please everyone so much that she was afraid to be herself for fear of judgement has learned to BE FREE. 

Last week with my team #igniteYourLifeStrong we were asked what have you already overcome.

  • I’ve overcome fear of judgement. IM FREE TO BE ME & I truly don’t care what anyone else thinks. 
  • I’ve overcome fear of taking selfies & posting to social media. #fearOfJudgement
  •  I’ve overcome my fear of talking to people
    And through it all I’ve built deeper friendships & connections with people who like me, WANT MORE for their life.

I've overcome so much.

But my favorite is that through getting FED UP with how much I really disliked working for a boss, punching a time clock &...

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Uncategorized Sep 24, 2018

Why are you so UNMOTIVATED? Do you spend more time looking at the menu of Netflix instead of the menu of your goals?

Feeling down on yourself? Look at your GOALS.

Want more motivation? Look at your GOALS. 

You don't lose motivation you lose sight of your goals. Look at it, feel it, see it.... and then ask yourself what do you have to do to make it happen.

Your MOTIVATION drains when you have little clarity surrounding your goals and dreams. 
No clarity, no change, no goals, no growth.

It isn't that YOU don't have motivation, it's that you don't have clarity. I look at my goals every single day. I write them out, I imagine them, I visualize them and I do this every day- not a day goes by that my focus isn't clear on what I want and what I am doing to make it happen. This isn't a once in awhile thing, this is an every day focus.

I visualize where I am going and because I am super clear on what I am envisioning for my future I show up FULLY with motivation every day. This is...

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When I Set My Mind to Something, I Make it Happen

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2018

2.57 Million.

If income makes you uncomfortable you can stop reading now. Heck this is uncomfortable to post & I almost deleted and said naaa, forget it, but it is stories like this that helped me see what is possible & that I could change my circumstances.

Today I sat down to calculate how much I have earned taking ACTION on my own dreams and teaching + mentoring others how to rock health, fitness & finances. I was in awe. We grew up in low income apartments.... suicidal depression. It wasn't the story you'd think would say she'd rock happiness, health and living life by design. But I fought for it all + didn't stop.

My 1st month in coaching I earned $70. 1st year in coaching I earned $6k. My second year = $37k. I didn't know that I would be successful, but I did know that I would show up to learn how to change my circumstances. I would fight for my dreams. This was extra income outside my full time job that changed our lives. I showed up everyday as if I had already...

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4 Reasons You Haven't Reached Your Goals

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2018

You have GOALS. You WANT to be successful in reaching them. You can’t figure out why you have continued to fail over and over again at the goals that you want.... Here are a few reasons that you are stopping YOU!

  1. You do not believe in yourself. Your identity tells yourself that you haven't been committed before so why would you stay committed now? You have to change this part of your identity to BELIEVE that you can be committed, disciplined and that you have already attained these goals. Change your belief system, change your life.
  2. You are too afraid of rejection from others that aren't going after their goals and dreams. Afraid of hearing no from friends, family, people you don't know yet. You are too busy worrying about the opinions of others that you let that stop you from working on the opinions you have of yourself.
  3. You aren’t making your goals a PRIORITY. It all comes down to Time Management. Have you ever noticed that when you have TONS on your plate, that you...
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Chat Soon!

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2018

Work 40+ hours a week for someone else's dreams for 40 years to retire. That is normal. I was told that is LIFE and to deal.

I remember sitting at my JOB thinking there is no WAY I CAN DO THIS.. not anything against anyone who can, but I couldn't. It wasn't in my DNA. Working for someone else's dreams. Barely making ends meet. Not getting to live life on my terms... and just going through the motions. 

Working the traditional job didn't challenge me. 
I felt stuck. 
I felt bored. 
I felt depressed. 
And after going through a depression where suicide consumed my mind every day I knew that I had to FIGHT hard to ensure that I find something that gives me PURPOSE and makes me feel alive every day. Fitness had saved me so I began my search to find an opportunity to pay fitness FORWARD and earn an income doing it. 


My dream job. It isn't for everyone. But it is for me. It is for my team of thousands who do this too.... We work hard, but not any...

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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2018

I had a 1:1 coach interview yesterday. She has been doing Beachbody programs for 6+ years and totally understands using her story to help and inspire others and invite them to dive in with their goals. She was all in but wanted to watch the compensation training first and then the fear crept back in about being SALESY..... she emailed me to let me know she can't get past the sales.

I wanted to share with you how I responded to her. No idea if she will become a coach or not, but I wanted to help her push through her fears to create MORE FOR HER LIFE.. to get back to her dreams and goals and obsession with that instead of her obsession with FEAR.

And I also thought maybe this would help you with responding to others or might help you, yourself, if you are allowing FEAR to consume you instead of allowing your DREAMS to consume you. I can promise that BEING OBSESSED with your DREAMS IS FREEEEEDOM and being obsessed with your fears is stealing from your life + your greatness. I hope this...

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Here's to the Crazy Ones!

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2018

This post just got REAL!! Like heart racing type of real. Back & bis this morning got me all sorts of CRAZAY! 

When I started my online coaching business I never posted on social media. I didn’t even scroll or log in & I never took selfies. I didn’t even know how to take them. It’s been a learned skill.

I’m reading this book called BE OBSESSED OR BE AVERAGE. I’ve had people tell me I’m intimidating, to take a break.. that they can’t do what I do, but they can it’s just they are obsessing in the comfy stuff! They are obsessed with their video games or nightly tv or scrolling social media mindlessly & while that mindless stuff is fun on occasion those are the VERY THINGS that fill me with anxiety, fear & doubt. And if you are obsessing about those things newsflash you can obsess about your goals & action too.

It’s when I’m taking action & obsessed with progress & big goals & PLAY BIG...

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I’m Looking for Someone Special...

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2018

Loves working out, self-motivated, wants to be the boss of her work, life, finances + future. Isn’t afraid of hard work, doesn’t quit when things get hard. Loves cake and cookies but wants to improve her eating habits. Has a heart for others, looking to earn an extra income from home with the real potential of creating a full time income (if desired). Either loves social media or is willing to learn to have a positive impact. Thought life would look different at this point, + wants to make some CHANGES!

SHE IS READY TO ROCK in health, relationships, finances + personal growth. She LOVES the idea of building an income by working on her own health + fitness goals and helping others do the same.
THIS is the girl I’m looking for! Do you know her?? Are YOU her??

I am specifically looking for five women who fit THE ABOVE description to take under my wing + mentor in my BRAND NEW virtual fitness coaching training!

If you’d like to be...

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