I Almost Quit

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019

It's true.

I opened my coach office & thought who am I to believe I can be successful? I only earned $70 in that first month. Do you really believe you can leave your full time job?


And then Sunday came around & I cried having to go back to work... to a job that paid the bills but that didn’t fill my cup or allow enough TIME to live. 


That’s when I decided that no matter how long it took I would leave my full time job, helping 1 person at a time. And 1.5 years later I left my job in finance.


Last week we sat in an appointment with an attorney starting our Trust because we want to ensure all of our assets go to our loved ones if/when something happens to us (and it’s a smooth transition for them) and my eyes filled up with tears.


The lives that we’ve changed. The freedom to go to an appointment at 10am. Me, the girl who grew up in a low income apartment and was embarrassed of her Walmart jeans while friends...

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Negative Nancies Are Everywhere

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

Throwback to my competition 2 years ago. Thank you FB for the awesome memories. Feeling extra grateful for my online biz today! Competitions are crazy expensive and I have been able to compete 12 times with out worrying about money. Plus my hobby is also a business tax deduction. Winning! I feel blessed that I can stay home, pursue my passions/hobbies and snuggle on my fur babies every day.

However, I've had a lot of skeptics approach me about this business and Negative Nancies are everywhere, so I am going to answer the most common questions I get.

  1. Why does it cost money to sign up? Because it's a business, not a job. You are becoming a business owner. But our company is so awesome they offer you clients for growing your business. And the cost to start is less than you spend on gas to get to your job & you get workouts, nutrition plans, a coach & my daily superfood shake. 
  2. Are you trying to make money off me? No, I'm trying to make money WITH...
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Healthy for LIFE!

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

21 days.
How amazing are these two? They said I could share their 21 day challenge results with you even though it’s so uncomfortable for them to share. Their words were “it’s embarrassing to share.” And I said, you both are STRONG, beautiful & amazing! I can’t wait to see how incredible you feel taking care of YOU!! Then Hailye and Danny said if they could help others by sharing, then they were willing to do it, uncomfortable and all.

I was on vacation with my team when I got this message, but because I LOVE what I do, even on vacation these messages fill my cup more than I can explain. It’s better than any vacation. I’m so proud of these two making a healthy lifestyle change together.

  • 21 days
  • 30 minute workouts 
  • 1 daily superfood shake
  • And lots of FOOD- they were amazed they had to eat so much that they couldn’t finish it all!

This was round 1, they just started round 2. I’m so darn...

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You Can be Anything You Want to Be

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2019

Morning thoughts to help someone out there that needs my random rants today:

Don't ever compare yourself to anyone.

Not to me, another competitor, your best friend. Our aesthetics are just one part of the equation, what truly matters is your HEART. What you stand for... That you know you are beautifully made & we all have room to SHINE. Don't take away the gift of YOU by trying to be someone else. We all have struggles to overcome. Be you. Be bold. Be brave.

My Goal ALWAYS is health above aesthetics. I'll forego looking amazing on stage to ensure I'm healthy...when I get on stage I'm always putting my health first. I've been on my fitness journey for 10+ years, so know if you are getting started you can get where you want to go the healthy way. I used to binge on junk food, gained 30% of my body weight in 2 months and was severely depressed. I had lots to overcome but it brought me to today where I sustain HEALTH. 

Your dream is free, but the hustle is sold...

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I Don't Know Where to Start!

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

A while back, someone on social media made a condescending comment about my fitness like it is EASIER for me...

Because I’ve made it a habit it is, but it wasn’t always that way. I put on 30% of my body weight in 2 months. I’d try to starve myself to lose the weight & end up binging & eating 2 boxes of cereal & 6 donuts.

This fitness lifestyle was HARD... and I couldn’t understand how people made their lifestyle healthy. What does that even mean?

I treat my health like most treat:

  • Brushing their teeth
  • Showing up to their job
  • Changing their kids dirty diaper

I don’t always want to do it, but it’s a priority so I do it anyway. I'm asked all the time, "How do you get so lean? What's your secret?" My "secret" is, I was ready for a change so I decided to make it. I focus on supplementing with nutrients, not promises of shit that burns fat.

I started & I didn’t stop. 20 minute workouts, 3 days a week turned into 5-6 days...

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I Couldn't Stop Crying

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

Sitting in my hotel room crying unable to stop is not how I expected to spend time before a cocktail party. So overwhelmed.

I’m tired. I miss my babies. And I’ve learned so much that made it clear the tweaks I need to make to have a bigger impact. And it all just hit me so hard that I couldn’t stop crying.... 
Sobbing for the girl... 
For the girl who wanted to commit suicide. 
For the girl who struggled with bingeing & gaining excessive weight rapidly. 
For the girl who had no idea that all of these things were the VERY REASON she could help others & make an impact.

As I sat here bawling overwhelmed with emotion I realized that paying for a hotel room wasn’t something I could afford before. Taking back to back trips wasn’t my life even though I wanted those things & I sat here bawling for the girl who had the COURAGE to start, to change her life. To take control of her health & share that with others even when...

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Here's to Health!

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

Slow progress is still progress. 

Had lots of blood work done after that random virus that made me weak, unable to lift weights & unable to walk or do too much without dizzy spells. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I have never been forced to take off as much time from workouts, EVER!

I poured in to my business from the couch, traveled to Hawaii & slept in & laid on the beach. Pretty much spent weeks laying around getting myself BETTER.

Soooo when the lab results came back I was so intrigued to see what they found:

  • Thyroid- perfect.
  • Adrenals- perfect.

All these other fancy levels came back textbook perfection. The naturopath said, "I’ve never seen labs this perfect." The only thing elevated were my liver enzymes which would have been an indication of inflammation from a virus.

I left with so much pep in my step. I didn’t get upset or frustrated when I couldn’t workout. I was so damn grateful for my health and hopeful it...

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If Your Weight Has Ever Made You Uncomfortable, Read This.

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

Today, I want to share something written by a truly beautiful human, Becky Scott. Becky, you are incredible and I am so honored to be on this health journey with you. 

“Last night when I got on the plane to fly to Dallas I had a ton of emotions buckling the seatbelt. There once was a time that flying gave me extreme anxiety. Not because I was scared to fly but because I knew I’d have to ask for a seatbelt extender. I was so nervous that I would be told I was too big and needed to buy a second seat. I was sorry for the person next me that I was overhanging my seat too much. I would sit by the window if I could, and sit as close to the edge as possible. I would pray for a quick flight because it hurt so bad to sit like that. My legs would ache and swell from being overweight and flying. I hated to fly but wanted to travel. Now I still get anxious a little. It’s like muscle memory to be super nervous getting on a plane. Like the big girl in me...

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My Mess is My Message

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

It’s been about 3 weeks since an ambulance ride/ER trip left me with lots of unanswered questions. I’m still not close to where I was before, but I’m healthy, happy & have kept the breakdowns at a minimum. I still have weird episodes... like last week at brunch having to head home instead of hang out with family. 

Thank goodness for our 20 minute bootcamp I’m seeing RESULTS working out way less than I’m used to or truthfully I might be going crazy. 

When I was in my bike accident a week before my Ironman race I could focus on the fact that I’d injured my tailbone & couldn’t race, or I could use my mess as a message & propel myself forward. I chose the latter. I started lifting weights. I learned more about my body & my health. I went from 20 hours of cardio a week to 5. I got super fit & leaned into nutrition which I had never done before.

I went on to compete in 10+ bikini & figure competitions....

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I Was Tired

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

This makes my heart race posting this... but, after much thought I realized that when I was terrified to start coaching, I did it anyways. The chance I took on this business has completely changed my family's life and if I can help change another family's life, then its worth it.


  • I was tired of not having passion for my job. 
  • I worked 40+ hours a week & busted my butt for little income. 
  • I was tired of not having extra income, but more importantly barely having vacation time to enjoy life. 
  • I was tired of answering to a boss. I wanted to play by my own rules, to determine when I worked and what I earned. 
  • I had student loans that I had to postpone trying to figure out how I was going to pay living expenses & pay off the debt. 
  • I was tired of waiting for the weekends to live. .

When Beachbody found me, I was hesitant. Terrified even, but I knew there had to be more than my situation of feeling STUCK and waiting for the weekends. I wanted to...

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