It's Time to Push Yourself

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2018

Day 3 in Vegas.

In the first hour I learned all I NEEDED from this event to take my team and myself to the next level. In the first hour the $2k I spent to get here, travel, hotel, ticket was WORTH IT. I’m taking that $2k and turning it in to 7 figures a year. If you have watched me for the last 7.5 years you know when I say a GOAL out loud I KNOW it will happen & I’ll work to make it happen even if I don’t know how yet. 

Think about what you want, and why you want it. Write it DOWN! You don’t need to know HOW but you need to KNOW. 

  1. Who do you want to be/ what do you want to stand for, and why do you want to be that person? 
  2. What steps do you need to take to get there?
  3. What are some obstacles that might come up along the way? 
  4. How will you overcome those obstacles?

Push yourself. Commit to yourself and achieve everything you set out to accomplish.

Because of BB Fitness Coaching, I was able to say good bye to the 9-5 desk job &...

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The Long Way is the ONLY Way

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2018

Its unreal over the last few years how many people have told me, "If I stuck with it, I'd be where you are right now. "

This is POWERFUL. The long way is THEE way. Don't wait to start because you are only putting off what you want in life. It will take time. It won't happen overnight.

You might want things faster. You might be intrigued by the short term promises. And when you don't get results fast enough, you become doubtful, fearful, skeptical... & go searching for those quick fixes that promise faster results. Unfortunately, I see this daily on social media. 

I see the promises flood my newsfeed. The, "I have lost it all by drinking this". When I see them I quickly unfollow. #TipOfTheDay The quick fix mentality used to intrigue me too & it kept me stuck. What those people don't share with you is how many YEARS they put in to learning, taking action & mastery. They didn't get rich, get six pack abs or lose weight/fat overnight & if they did its not...

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Coaching Saved Me

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2018

"Don't let the FEAR of what could happen make nothing happen." 

Fitness saved me. Coaching saved me. 

I wanted to pay health, fitness & happiness forward. I wanted more time for family. I wanted extra income. 

I didn't know how to be successful, but I did know that not taking ACTION was a sure way not to BE...... 1.5 years later I left my full time job in the financial industry. . . . . & I’ve been successfully coaching others on how to earn additional or full time income from home part time ever since. I want MORE people to experience these options, this freedom.

I started out with no network, no experience, but a DREAM that doesn't quit. 

I am mentoring 10 new people in December to learn how to build a successful coaching business online from home. Must be coachable, must have a drive to overcome fear and make their DREAMS their reality. If you have been watching and waiting, here is your sign. Timing will never be perfect.... the...

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Staying STUCK Wasn't an Option

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2018

She’s had a BIGGER impact on my life than she realizes.

As I was walking to grab Starbucks this morning my mind started wandering. I often don’t take time to reflect on how far I’ve come but today it came over me HARD. 7.5 years ago I invested $140 (I didn’t have) into starting my coaching business. I sold things on Craigslist to come up with the funds to start because I knew that staying STUCK wasn’t an option for me.

That business led me to meet Ashley!! We were in a test group for creating coach training for beachbody together... and through this test/creation group not only did my business SOAR but we became friends (huge impact- we are who we surround ourselves with)... a couple years later she reached out & invited me to this conference (gave me a FREE ticket).

I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted GROWTH so I just dove in... and that’s how I was introduced to leveling up my energy, productivity, being more CLEAR on...

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No Sugar November is in Full Effect

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2018

The last few months I had started eating too many sweets. I just love them! And by too many I mean 3 carrot cakes in 1 week #HubbyHelped.
November 1st my fit fam & I decided NO SUGAR NOVEMBER was in full effect.

It’s been 8 days and I’ve had no sugar. On the 1st I almost had a piece of Halloween candy & then remembered my commitment to my team... I wasn’t going to let them down or decrease my own confidence. Every decision we make is ALWAYS helping or hurting our confidence & I like to make sure I’m helping mine.

Then Friday came and I usually have dessert (chocolate dipped ice cream cone) but again, thought it’s just a habit but I’m willing to change it. I talk to myself ALOT! I’m always talking to myself in a way that MY BEST SELF would show up.

And here we are.... day 8!!! My 4 day a week lifting/HIIT bootcamp is crushing it! I’m leaning out again. I’m not depriving myself of good food. My...

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None of Us Are Great When We Start

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

I wasn't always a runner. 1 mile used to be my entire workout and I was TOAST. Yet I trained & finished a Marathon & qualified for Boston. 

I didn't know how to swim or ride a bike. Clip in pedals terrified me. My first sprint distance triathlon I was dead last out of the water (LAST PLACE in the swim- an 80 year old beat me) yet I stuck with it and completed an Ironman in 11:51. 

I didn't have money. I didn't have a network. I didn't post to social media. I didn't know how to build a business. Yet I have a successful online business that I built from the ground up. Allowing me to retire myself and my husband from the corporate world and DESIGN our lives. 

None of us are great when we start but to be GREAT we have to start. It is easy to follow me and think this is POSSIBLE for her but I can't {insert all the reasons why} but the fact is that I wasn't born knowing what I know today.

But, I was born with POTENTIAL to learn and grow in to my goals. It...

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I do this for them. I do this for you.

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2018

I remember so vividly the sobbing through the walls of our low income apartment. I had asked my mom for $5 for a soccer tournament and she said no & cried herself to sleep that night. I knew she was working HARD to put a roof over our heads and food on our table. She didn't expect to be in this situation. To go from living on a ranch/farm with horses in the pasture to losing it all and having to keep it together for her kids. 

After I heard her crying herself to sleep I didn't ever want her to think she wasn't ENOUGH because of money. I worked multiple jobs through high school and college. Daycare with 14 kids, nanny, waitress at Dennys late nights, photo developer at Long Drugs, on campus job during college...

I had NO IDEA then but that VIVID memory would give me ALL that I needed to succeed in life. I am so THANKFUL and fond of the past and everything I went through because it gave me what I needed to FIGHT for my dreams. My past built me. And I am STRONG. So are you....

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Stay Sharp, My Friends

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2018

You will always be too much of something for someone: too big, too soft, too round, too edgy. If you round out your edges, you lose your edge. Stay sharp, my friends.

As a newer business owner (back in 2013)building a fitness biz in the online space I had a girl who I thought was a friend tell me that I was GREEDY and only cared about myself because I wanted to earn more income.

She came from money. I did not... I was so EXCITED to be able to earn an income while making an IMPACT & the words that she spoke went on replay in my mind. I was hurt, cut by her words. I was TOO much for her. But moments like these were my greatest teachers. Now when someone tries to knock me I KNOW that:

  1. Hurt people want to hurt people 
  2. Her thoughts were a reflection of how she feels & has nothing to do with my truth. 
  3. Others don’t have to understand my dream. It was given to me to make it happen.

Most people want to play it safe. Most people want to tell you what is possible...

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My Hard Work Wasn’t Paying Off

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2018


I have to start this post by prefacing where I came from. Before coaching I’d feel sick to my stomach at the gas pump putting in $5 to drive to work, waiting for the next paycheck. When STUDENT LOANS came due I couldn’t afford to pay them & had to defer them. When my Tacoma needed new tires or the battery was dead I started scouring the house trying to find things to sell to make money or scouring craigslist for a second job. I was happy with life but just felt like there had to be a better way. I’m a HARD WORKER but I couldn’t find a way to get ahead..... my hard work wasn’t paying off.

I vividly remember asking my dad, is this all there is to life? Working paycheck to paycheck to make ends meets and not get ahead. To work 40 hours plus for 40 years to retire... to be too exhausted to live. He said yes & to deal with it.

I knew in my heart I was MEANT FOR MORE.

I wasn’t some INSANE overnight success story. Coaching fell in my...

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Remember When I Told You...?

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2018

Hi there! 

Remember when I told you I was gonna quit my FINANCIAL job..and then did? Then I told you I was gonna earn a FREE trip... & then I earned 14+ of them— one of which I’m on right now.

And then told you I was gonna become a MILLION CLUB member..and then did? Then I told you I was going to RETIRE my hubby & DID? Then I told you I’d help our team, my fit fam leave their jobs & I did.

Do you believe me NOW when I tell you I'm gonna help more Coaches on our team leave their full time jobs? You should. And you should believe me when I tell you, that YOU can do this too.... I'm just a shy girl from a small town that didn't WANT to live an average life.

My daydream jobs consisted of being an actress or a anesthesiologist!? Idk why!? Remember that commercial I tried out for, Mom? All I know now is I can't imagine doing ANYTHING else!!

What are your plans? Where do you see yourself in 3, 4, 5 years. If you're happy, hell yea. I'm happy...

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