Healthy for LIFE!

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2019

21 days.
How amazing are these two? They said I could share their 21 day challenge results with you even though it’s so uncomfortable for them to share. Their words were “it’s embarrassing to share.” And I said, you both are STRONG, beautiful & amazing! I can’t wait to see how incredible you feel taking care of YOU!! Then Hailye and Danny said if they could help others by sharing, then they were willing to do it, uncomfortable and all.

I was on vacation with my team when I got this message, but because I LOVE what I do, even on vacation these messages fill my cup more than I can explain. It’s better than any vacation. I’m so proud of these two making a healthy lifestyle change together.

  • 21 days
  • 30 minute workouts 
  • 1 daily superfood shake
  • And lots of FOOD- they were amazed they had to eat so much that they couldn’t finish it all!

This was round 1, they just started round 2. I’m so darn proud of them I bragged on them to my coaching team on the cruise & shared with anyone that would listen to me.

Y’all, the perks of coaching are amazing but nothing compares to these photos.... helping friends with amazing hearts find a healthy lifestyle & ROCK the crap out of their first 21 days. They are just getting started... healthy for life!

Are you ready to get healthy for life? I'm here and I want to help you get started. Email me at or send me a message on FB for more info!

Have a beautiful day!



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