Here's to Health!

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

Slow progress is still progress. 

Had lots of blood work done after that random virus that made me weak, unable to lift weights & unable to walk or do too much without dizzy spells. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I have never been forced to take off as much time from workouts, EVER!

I poured in to my business from the couch, traveled to Hawaii & slept in & laid on the beach. Pretty much spent weeks laying around getting myself BETTER.

Soooo when the lab results came back I was so intrigued to see what they found:

  • Thyroid- perfect.
  • Adrenals- perfect.

All these other fancy levels came back textbook perfection. The naturopath said, "I’ve never seen labs this perfect." The only thing elevated were my liver enzymes which would have been an indication of inflammation from a virus.

I left with so much pep in my step. I didn’t get upset or frustrated when I couldn’t workout. I was so damn grateful for my health and hopeful it was a random virus that my healthy body could fight fully and did.

Social media has a lot of amazing physiques and weight loss stories. And don’t get me wrong, I love abs and working for them. But just remember abs doesn’t necessarily mean HEALTHY. I’m going for abs & perfect blood work & health.... Now that I’m recovered fully I can start challenging myself more.

Here's to health!



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