I Almost Quit

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2019

It's true.

I opened my coach office & thought who am I to believe I can be successful? I only earned $70 in that first month. Do you really believe you can leave your full time job?


And then Sunday came around & I cried having to go back to work... to a job that paid the bills but that didn’t fill my cup or allow enough TIME to live. 


That’s when I decided that no matter how long it took I would leave my full time job, helping 1 person at a time. And 1.5 years later I left my job in finance.


Last week we sat in an appointment with an attorney starting our Trust because we want to ensure all of our assets go to our loved ones if/when something happens to us (and it’s a smooth transition for them) and my eyes filled up with tears.


The lives that we’ve changed. The freedom to go to an appointment at 10am. Me, the girl who grew up in a low income apartment and was embarrassed of her Walmart jeans while friends wore designer jeans.  The girl who couldn’t pay her student loans & didn’t have the vacation time or funds to take vacations. That girl is setting up a trust to make sure her family is taken care of after she’s gone.


It was the scariest decision to start this business. I was afraid of everything. What others thought of me. Posting selfies. Going against what society said is normal.


None of this stuff has control over me anymore. I’m FREE to be me. I started this online business part time from home, on my lunch breaks, before and after work. Heart racing, hands shaking but I stayed focused on my goals, did the work & didn’t give up.


This is possible for you too. It takes simple habits everyday and you can go as fast or as slow as you want.

I’d rather be spending my days going after my dreams than standing still. That is why I didn’t quit. Quitting was the exact way to stay standing still. 


Have a beautiful day!



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