I Couldn't Stop Crying

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2019

Sitting in my hotel room crying unable to stop is not how I expected to spend time before a cocktail party. So overwhelmed.

I’m tired. I miss my babies. And I’ve learned so much that made it clear the tweaks I need to make to have a bigger impact. And it all just hit me so hard that I couldn’t stop crying.... 
Sobbing for the girl... 
For the girl who wanted to commit suicide. 
For the girl who struggled with bingeing & gaining excessive weight rapidly. 
For the girl who had no idea that all of these things were the VERY REASON she could help others & make an impact.

As I sat here bawling overwhelmed with emotion I realized that paying for a hotel room wasn’t something I could afford before. Taking back to back trips wasn’t my life even though I wanted those things & I sat here bawling for the girl who had the COURAGE to start, to change her life. To take control of her health & share that with others even when social media was so scary & uncomfortable.

I started.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew I wanted MORE & I went for it. Today it hit me really hard.
This wasn’t always my reality. I started for this. I showed up for this... and this is possible for you too.


Have a beautiful day,




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