"I Lost All My Weight for FREE"

Uncategorized May 06, 2019

This morning someone said to me, "I lost all my weight for FREE without investing in anything so I could never do what you do." And I completely agree with her on part of that statement. 

You can lose weight, get healthy for FREE... you can go run outside (I LOVE RUNNING when I am in shape, but its HARD to start). You can choose to eat healthy. 

This is how I lost weight to start- FOR FREE... but after I got in shape and got fit, I had people asking me how to do it too. When I told them workout and eat healthy, they didn't know what to do & I didn't have a system to help them. They'd start and not see results, so they'd stop. I get it because I did the same thing. I completely understand how tough it is to lose weight without getting side-tracked by the doubt in our head. 

Sure you can SEE results without me as a coach. And I want HEALTHY for everyone, with or without me..... but how many times have you started and stopped? Why not get a coach to stop the yo-yo cycle? I hire coaches all the time to get me to the next level with my goals. I get where I want to go faster by getting help. 

What helps me stay CONSISTENT for 7+ years and not YO-YO in my weight are these 3 THINGS: 

  1. COMMUNITY- being a part of something bigger.
  2. SUPPORT- having support from that community on the tough days. And supporting them on their tough days. I show up for them as much as I do for myself... I show up to inspire all of you. It is bigger than me.
  3. Shakeology- yeah, I am a "I DON'T DRINK SHAKES, I EAT MY FOOD" person and laughed at the idea of ever drinking a shake. This shake helps my sweet tooth and ensures I am getting the nutrients my body needs on the days I am less than perfect. 

You do NOT need a shake to be healthy, at ALL. When I looked at the ingredients in Shakeology though and did more research I realized a few things. 

  1. We need to consume INSANE amounts of calories a day to get the nutrients our bodies need from food if we aren't supplementing.
  2. We get ENERGY from quality nutrients. 
  3. I am lazy and will not go buy all those supplements separately for my health. 

This is how I lost weight to start- FOR FREE... but after I got in shape, got fit.. I yo-yo'd not really knowing how to sustain my results... and it was HARD on my own... but why go alone? With a team it is much more fun. AND with this insanely nutritious shake, I get all the dessert I want with all the nutrients my body needs.

I started for FREE and then learned so much about my health and what my body needs along the way. If you do want FREE I have a FREE group with check ins, accountability & FREE giveaways, join HERE

Have a beautiful day!



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