I Love It AND I Hate It

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2019

I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

I LOVE it because I’ve been able to help thousands find their own healthy lifestyle. I’ve helped 1000’s earn extra income for their family &/or leave their full time jobs.... I’ve met some of my dearest friends.

I HATE it because I see too many of you comparing your behind the scenes to another’s highlight reel. I see people scrolling & worrying about the dopamine drip that likes & comments gives them instead of connecting with people... that’s the real drip.

As a society depression runs rampant... want to know what helps? Fitness, nutrition & CONNECTING, not scrolling. Followers & likes doesn’t equal happiness.

Personal freedom to live your life with those you love most does, so while I build a business on social media & I love it.... you don’t see me tied to my phone posting stories and scrolling all day. When I'm on social I'm usually by myself because that’s my work time to HELP more of you realize that your dream life is possible. To meet my next dearest friends.

My “work” is simple, take care of ME & get badass RESULTS, post to social & share my real journey with you. Work on my mindset & help others get RESULTS.

Before my business, I wasn’t on social media but I realized it was a way for me to live my dreams, help others, earn an income with my passion, invest in real estate, live part of the year in Lake Tahoe & part of the year where it’s warmer. Travel with friends, spend Thursdays with my mom, spend Fridays with my nieces. Basically designing my schedule everyday- that’s my dream and I'm living it.

If you want more info, I have 3 MENTOR SPOTS OPEN: message me for info & an interview. 

Have a beautiful day!



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