If Your Weight Has Ever Made You Uncomfortable, Read This.

Uncategorized Feb 18, 2019

Today, I want to share something written by a truly beautiful human, Becky Scott. Becky, you are incredible and I am so honored to be on this health journey with you. 

“Last night when I got on the plane to fly to Dallas I had a ton of emotions buckling the seatbelt. There once was a time that flying gave me extreme anxiety. Not because I was scared to fly but because I knew I’d have to ask for a seatbelt extender. I was so nervous that I would be told I was too big and needed to buy a second seat. I was sorry for the person next me that I was overhanging my seat too much. I would sit by the window if I could, and sit as close to the edge as possible. I would pray for a quick flight because it hurt so bad to sit like that. My legs would ache and swell from being overweight and flying. I hated to fly but wanted to travel. Now I still get anxious a little. It’s like muscle memory to be super nervous getting on a plane. Like the big girl in me freaks out that I won’t be able to buckle the belt, or that I have to be super uncomfortable. 

As I sat down, clicked the seatbelt, and took a deep breath I teared up. Look how far you’ve come. You have room. You are no where touching the wall or the person next to you. You can put the tray down and you can cross your legs. The arm rests aren’t digging into you. 

This may seem small to you, but if your weight or size has ever made you uncomfortable in everyday situations you get where I’m coming from. This little reminder for me is a really big deal. Being healthy = freedom. Freedom, flexibility and the ability to be me. Freedom.“

If you are inspired by Becky's story and ready to get on the path to your best life, please reach out, kristi.lynn.curtis@gmail.com. There is no better time than RIGHT NOW!

Have a beautiful day,



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