Let Me Brag for Just a Second

Uncategorized May 13, 2019

Who needs superheroes when I have my mom & grandma. I have to BRAG on them.

We workout together a few days a week & I have the biggest smile every time. Fitness, health isn’t in our genetics. My grandma has RA & a pacemaker, and we almost lost her years back during her valve replacement surgery. She’s the healthiest I’ve ever seen her. She modifies, but she shows up and does her best. I truly believe she wouldn't be so active and healthy if she didn't get up and MOVE her body through workouts. Use it or lose it.

My mom couldn’t do a push up, burpee or a plank when we started & now is STRONGER than ever. With enough energy to keep up with all her granddaughters. Twin 3 year olds are no joke!

We work for our health. These two use their LIMITS as their reasons to defy them... they don’t use their limits as an excuse. Grateful for these 2 strong beauties!
First we workout.. then we Shakeology.

EXCITED to celebrate all our mommas all weekend LONG!!

Have a beautiful day,



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