My Mess is My Message

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2019

It’s been about 3 weeks since an ambulance ride/ER trip left me with lots of unanswered questions. I’m still not close to where I was before, but I’m healthy, happy & have kept the breakdowns at a minimum. I still have weird episodes... like last week at brunch having to head home instead of hang out with family. 

Thank goodness for our 20 minute bootcamp I’m seeing RESULTS working out way less than I’m used to or truthfully I might be going crazy. 

When I was in my bike accident a week before my Ironman race I could focus on the fact that I’d injured my tailbone & couldn’t race, or I could use my mess as a message & propel myself forward. I chose the latter. I started lifting weights. I learned more about my body & my health. I went from 20 hours of cardio a week to 5. I got super fit & leaned into nutrition which I had never done before.

I went on to compete in 10+ bikini & figure competitions. Most see the closed door I see the window. Fitness & health isn’t one size fits all. I miss running.. but I’m I can move. I can get in a 20 minute interval workout. I lifted shoulders this morning for 20 minutes too! That’s progress.

I’m focusing even more on supplementation & looking in to other areas that I might be deficient to improve my overall health. All the blood work so far says ideal but I’m so grateful for the TIME for all these appointments.... the TIME to do an even deeper dive on keeping my health in tip top shape. 

I’m in the thick of whatever “it” is... more doc appointments this week...

  • Ideal blood work
  • Hubby that drives me every where 
  • I can get in movement each day 
  • Making sure I’m über focused on nutrition (all the nutrients) & eating often. Episodes are worse if I don’t. 
  • A business I built for times like these where I can go to ALL the appointments and rest anytime I need. TIME is what I fought to leave the corporate world for. 

Whatever my mess is I’ll always choose to focus on how it can HELP me. Most see a closed door, I see an open window. 

Have a beautiful day!



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