Negative Nancies Are Everywhere

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2019

Throwback to my competition 2 years ago. Thank you FB for the awesome memories. Feeling extra grateful for my online biz today! Competitions are crazy expensive and I have been able to compete 12 times with out worrying about money. Plus my hobby is also a business tax deduction. Winning! I feel blessed that I can stay home, pursue my passions/hobbies and snuggle on my fur babies every day.

However, I've had a lot of skeptics approach me about this business and Negative Nancies are everywhere, so I am going to answer the most common questions I get.

  1. Why does it cost money to sign up? Because it's a business, not a job. You are becoming a business owner. But our company is so awesome they offer you clients for growing your business. And the cost to start is less than you spend on gas to get to your job & you get workouts, nutrition plans, a coach & my daily superfood shake. 
  2. Are you trying to make money off me? No, I'm trying to make money WITH you. I earn money when I help you SUCCEED. 
  3. Is it a scam? We are direct sales with physical products & our memberships are like Netflix- streaming access to fitness and nutrition plans. Not sure how that is a scam.
  4. Is it one of those pyramid schemes? You mean where all the people on the top make all the money, take the long vacations, fly the jets, and get all the stock options while the people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and get 2-3 weeks vacation every year? No, that would be Corporate America. I earn more than those above me. That wasn’t possible in my corporate job. 
  5. How long before I make money? I have the steps to success and all the tools you need to make money. However, YOU determine your success. Nothing will ever be handed to you, it's all up to YOU. This business works if you do.
  6. My friend said this doesn't work. No, your friend just didn't work. 
  7. Can I try it for a month and see how I do? This is a business, not a job. Businesses take heart, soul, and determination.

You cannot focus on the short term money. You have to visualize the bigger picture and how this could/would change your life financially. Big money comes from working passionately and never giving up! 

If you want a change in your life, Google "residual income." I can help you. I am no one special, I just decided to build a legacy for me and my families future! And I love helping others do the same. 

I’m always here to talk about what I do exactly and who I am looking to work with.

Have a beautiful day!



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