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What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had been preparing for it my whole life. As a kid I was fearlessly optimistic, very chatty, and very curious. I didn’t believe that there was a problem that couldn’t be solved, and at the time that was perceived by others to be naive. That fearlessness of change was something that I was to lose sight of temporarily in my life, but proved later on down the line to be the attitude that would expand my whole world.


Thank you so much for stopping by my site! My name is Kristi and I am a SuperStar 6x Elite Coach/ As you can tell I am a bit of a fitness and nutritionist enthusiast. Back in 2003 I had put on 30 pounds in a matter of a few months as I struggled severely with suicidal depression. In order to try and get it off I went about it all the wrong way. I worked out for hours a day and was eating round 1200 calories. I lost all of the weight, but the manner in which I was doing it wasn't sustainable and then I put it back on and then some, a total of 35% of my body weight in a matter of a couple months. This spiraled me in to a deeper depression. I went from a 4.0 college student to barely waking up and getting out of bed. I stopped showing up to classes and almost dropped out of school. I didn't have anyone to educate me on the proper way to lose weight through small changes over time to living a healthier lifestyle, so instead I tried EVERY QUICK FIX I could get my hands on.... weight loss pills, fat burners, patches, starvation to then binge on everything in site. It was a vicious cycle which continued to further decline my mental state. I was a MESS!

In came a friend who was in to fitness and triathlons. I thought well I can run, I have no idea how to swim or ride a bike, but I can learn and this was my introduction to fitness. I was working out not to lose weight, but to complete something that at the time seemed so far out of reach. The GOAL was to cross the finish line. My first triathlon was a sprint distance on Catalina Island in California. I was DEAD LAST out of the water doing back stroke the entire time. It was my first time swimming in the ocean and when I had started practicing in a pool I could barely swim 2 laps so the 1/4 mile course was a huge accomplishment. The bike was a bit easier and I took off on the run, the only thing I knew I could do because I had been running a few miles a week prior to deciding to train for a triathlon. When I crossed that finish line I was in tears. It was incredible doing something that when I started seemed so impossible. Fast forward to 2010 and the training for triathlon and having to fuel my body for a workout, finding health, balance, a lifestyle, had turned in to completing an Ironman Triathlon, 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile and 26.2 mile run all in one day!! It was a journey of many years but it all started with that one step..... that depression, that friend, that question of do you want to join me in completing a triathlon? It was in 2010 that I started becoming COMPLACENT, bored and down right TIRED of working for a corporation. I was tired of empty promises. I was tired of the monotony without any real GOALS. I was tired of vacation being cut. I was tired of losing benefits. I was tired of fighting for a raise. And when I was given a raise my boss took the added commission bump from my co-worker thus decreasing her income. WHICH was NOT my intention. He was smart, I never asked for a raise again after that..... I didn't want to take from her family to increase my income. We were on the same team!

Just like my depression had opened a new door, a new life for me, this RUT of a job, the 8-5 I was stuck in, what could have easily been a negative in my life, was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. It pushed me to think about what is it that I really want... if I could have anything in life, what would that look like for me.

  • I wanted to have flexibility in my work schedule.
  • I didn't want anyone dictating my schedule.
  • I wanted unlimited vacation time.
  • I wanted to earn an income based on my efforts.
  • I didn't want limits placed on me.
  • I wanted to help others.
  • I wanted to do something in the fitness industry
  • I wanted to earn six figures and feel comfortable financially.
  • I wanted financial freedom and to not have to stress about how to pay a bill or cover rent or when the car breaks down.

I knew IDEALLY what I wanted, but was told by everyone else that didn't exist. I wasn't giving up hope and kept looking... in comes Team Beachbody. The Beachbody Coach Opportunity checked YES to everything I ever wanted!!! It allowed me to say YES, it is a POSSIBILITY for every GOAL and DREAM I wanted to achieve... so I dove right in!

I worked full time in the financial industry and continued to do so while building my coach business part time on the side and training for an Ironman. It took me about a year for my part time coaching income to surpass my full time income in the financial industry. That is when I knew I needed to leave the corporate world so I did. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Again a BIG HURDLE was thrown in my way. I BELIEVE that obstacles can either STOP us or PUSH us to become better, push us to achieve more than we ever thoughts possible. I was in a bike accident that hurt my tailbone a week before my Ironman race, the same week I left my full time job. My tailbone still hasn't completely healed and I was forced to hang up the bike as the pain in riding was too much to handle. I continued to work out to Insanity, Body Beast, T25, etc. for the next year without training for any competitions other than a few running races here and there...but I wanted something to challenge myself. I NEEDED a challenge, competition, in order to grow again.. so with this setback of the bike accident and tailbone injury I found bikini competitions.

Now I am a full time Coach and a figure competitor. I help others get started with their health and fitness journeys, or get started with an at home ONLINE fitness business helping others. My goal is ALWAYS to help you reach your goal, whatever that maybe. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, gain confidence, overcome doubt, become more productive, find purpose in your day, work from home, earn extra income working part time, create a six figure income like I have or just earn an extra $200-$500 a month. It is all POSSIBLE! I have done it all before and know how to teach you to create the same reality/goals that you desire. You have to be coachable, you have to want MORE for your life, you have to be tired of living the status quo and realize that YOUR GOALS are POSSIBLE. YOU can achieve anything you want and more in life, as soon as you give up the notion that you can't. 


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